slim weight patch review

Slim weight patches – more effective and very easy to use

slim weight patchSlim weight patches are commonly advertised as ‘stick on and lose your weight patches’. These slim weight patches have been a revolutionary weight loss product. For years people remained dependant over diet and exercise to aid on weight loss.

But now these simple stick and use patches are found to have similar or even more effectiveness in helping people lose weight. It is obvious that all of us would have doubts over how it works and its effectiveness.

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This article will make everyone understand its working and hence trust its effectiveness in losing weight.

Easy to use:
The slim weight patches are small square shaped adhesive bandages. They are very easy to use. They can be stuck over any area of the skin like your arm, thigh, abdomen or even your back.

Firstly you have to clean the area with warm water and have to tap it dry. Then paste the patch over the area when the skin is completely dry or else the moisture present might not allow it to adhere properly.

Leave the patch as such for 24 hours. You don’t need to remove it while taking bath or swimming because once it is stuck the patch is absolutely waterproof.

After 24 hours the patch has to be removed and a new one has to be placed. Generally it is advised to rotate the area where the patches are placed in order to prevent skin irritation.

How slim weight patches work?
These patches work based on the process of transdermal absorption i.e. they deliver the ingredients contained in them directly into the blood stream through the skin.

There will be continuous and better administration of ingredients because the patches are left over the skin for 24 hours. The consistency provides way for better results.

The slim weight patches consist of three main ingredients all of them clinically proven to be efficient in aiding weight loss.

Fucus vesiculosus (commonly known as bladder wrack):
This is a kind of sea plant extract. Herbalists use these plants to cure several diseases and researches have proved that it helps in increasing body metabolism rate and can aid in weight loss.

Gurana is an extract from gurana plant and was originally being used by the Amazonians as a stimulant to provide increased mental alertness. This is because of its ability to burn more calories and provide increased energy levels to the body.

Yerba Mate:
This helps in suppression of appetite and thus eliminates hunger sensation which in turn results in reduced food intake. This plant is also rich in vitamins and minerals that are needed for the body.
Apart from the above mentioned ones the slim weight patches also contain fewer proportions of flaxseed oil, lecithin, zinc citrate, DHEA and 5-HTP. This combined composition contributes to the efficacy of the slim weight patches.

No side effects: The 100% natural formula of these patches have been clinically proven to be safe without any side effects.
The slim weight patches on an average are capable of aiding weight loss by about 2-6 lbs every week which is higher than any diet pills.

With its easy to use methods and improved efficiency its success stories keep spreading and a remarkably increased number of people have begun to use the slim weight patches.

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